Cross-Sector Modelling

Taking what works well in each sector and applying to in a cross-sector approach. This includes building an earned revenue stream into a nonprofit for a more sustainable business model or building community-benefit into a private company’s financial and marketing approach.

Hands-On Support

We’ve done these jobs and know what it takes. We work in a hands-on way that helps get things done-bridge the gap between high-level strategic planning and implementation language.

Integrated Approach

Often, issues with sales or fundraising are a symptom of something else in the org. We take a holistic approach to understanding your business in order to make the greatest improvements by focusing on the core issues impacting the org’s ability to change. Could be personnel, company culture, communications, strategies or systems and processes that need to be addressed.

Nonprofit Organizations

Comprehensive Development and Organizational Analysis

We conduct detailed analysis of your organization; including internal controls, data information systems, major and annual gift opportunities and stewardship and cultivation programs as well as leadership and personnel structures to pinpoint your strengths and needs.

Communications and Messaging

We help your organization define its central message and targeted messages to your key constituencies. We help you develop a communications plan based on your target audience and the activities that will yield the highest return on investment.

Campaign Feasibility Studies

We analyze your proposed campaign components, brand in the community and its willingness to support your project. We present our findings and outline strategic actions you should take before, during and after your campaign.

Campaign Strategies, Support & Management

We provide your team with a range of support from strategic planning to data analysis, major gift solicitation to board and volunteer support, solicitation; depending on the needs of your campaign. We can assist you from the beginning of your campaign to get things started or we can help you see the project through to the end.

Earned Income Revenue Stream Development

We apply our expertise with private companies by looking at how a nonprofit can capitalize on its staff, programs and resources to provide valuable products or services that not only provide a fee-for-service revenue stream but also progress the mission of the organization.

Executive Search, Interim Leadership & Coaching

We provide support during personnel transitions, from running the executive search process to providing experienced interim support. We also offer coaching for leaders around ongoing leadership development or short-term crisis/transition issues.

Acquisition, Cultivation and Stewardship Programs

We develop tailored strategies to further engage your current and new supporters and deepen their connection to and support for your cause.

Board and Key Stakeholder Training and Support

We conduct training sessions and hands-on implementation support designed to help your board learn and practice using the tools they need to provide strong, yet flexible leadership.

Shifting Organizational Culture

We will work with you to identify and implement strategies to improve personnel morale and incorporate a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization.

Data Strategies & Management

We assess your current data management and suggest improvements for your current system or a database program that will best suit your needs.

Grant, Case Statements & Communication Material Development

We offer a full range of services in grant-seeking including writing content, creating grant strategies and tactical grants calendars. We also help you develop case statements, appeals and promotional materials.

Event Analysis and Management

We evaluate your event for strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth, especially around donor engagement and integrating your event with other development efforts.

Private Companies

Business Planning and Financial Projections

We work with you to articulate your business strategy and long-term goals, research and assess your competition and target markets to help you project your future revenues and expenditures. For start-up or expanding companies these plans are vital in the monetization of your goods or services.

Investment Funding Support

We provide researched analysis of potential funding options including venture capital groups, angel investors, public funding and responsible lending organizations and guide you through the solicitation process.

Community Engagement & Corporate Foundation Development

Do you care about incorporating giving back into your business strategy? We help you develop a community benefit strategy into your business model and/or create a corporation foundation to facilitate your vision of helping your community while thriving financially.

Shifting Company Culture

Employee morale can be a major factor in the success or failure of a company. We work with you to assess and identify potential barriers to a strong company work place culture and help you create strategies to evolve your business into a healthy, vibrant place to work.